How God Writes

They say that “God writes straight with crooked lines”. As I look at life, crooked lines abound. Somewhere in there is a word that sometimes is The Word, the One made Flesh. Perhaps the words on these pages will help as you draw the lines of your life, crooked or otherwise.

Who I am

Fr. M. Keith LaBove, pastor of St. Patrick Church, in Lafayette, La, and part-time chaplain at two hospitals in town, a priest of the Diocese of Lafayette since 1981.  Sometimes I write, sometimes I see people, sometimes I give talks or preach, and sometimes I take pictures.  I believe that the Church I serve is a pilgrim church whose fundamental identity is People of God.  We are on a journey of faith, together, and lots of times we stumble but we keep on going.  Much of what is spoken of as “traditional” today is mere nostalgia, which is nice but not nearly as rich and life-giving as the fullness of the tradition of the Church.

Sufficient Unto Today

I pray for the grace
To be who I am today,
To be where I am today,
To be with the people
Whom God has placed in my life today:

Without judgment,
Without resentment,
Without expectation.

In loving acceptance,
in trusting anticipation,
in faith-filled hope,
May I savor the gift of today.

Fr. M. Keith LaBove