This stuff is here because I either care about it or think it’s at least mildly interesting.  That said, some of it is rather essential to the faith.

A Consistent Ethic of Life – Cardinal Joseph Bernardin
The best approach for promoting respect for life in American society, law and culture.

“Where life is involved, the service of charity must be profoundly consistent. It cannot tolerate bias and discrimination, for human life is sacred and inviolable at every stage and in every situation; it is an indivisible good. We need then to “show care” for all life and for the life of everyone. Indeed, at an even deeper level, we need to go to the very roots of life and love.”

(Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, n. 87, 1995)

Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship
On being Catholic and American, in that order of priority.

Archbishop Oscar Romero, Servant of God

Catholic Social Teaching in General
        An excellent resource for documents shaping the tradition.